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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3315 Thai words on 67 Pages

Page 45
ติรานา dtiL raaM naaMproper noun, geographicalTirana, the capital city of แอลเบเนีย  (Albania)
ติวdtiuMverb, colloquialto study or "cram" for an exam
verb[ติววิชา] to cram for an exam; attend cram courses
ติวเข้มdtiuM khemFverb, phraseto cram for an exam; provide intensive training
ติววิชาdtiuM wiH chaaMverb[ติววิชา] to cram for an exam; attend cram courses
ติ้ว dtiuFadverb[of revolving, whirling] very fast; dizzyingly
adverball abuzz; busily
nouna fortune stick
nouna counting tally marker
adjective[รัดติ้ว] excessively tight; skin-tight
ติวเตอร์dtiuM dtuuhrMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loan word] tutor
ตี dteeMverb, transitiveto beat; hit; strike; or whip
noun[การตี] [activity] hitting
(of a ticket) to purchase; (of a check) to write
morning hours between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.
to install; affix; attach; assign
verb[ย่อมจะตี] will inevitably hit
ตีก้น dteeM gohnFverbspank
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverb[ตีกรรเชียง] to row (a boat); backstroke
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverb, idiom[ตีกรรเชียง] to backslide; evade (e.g. on a promise or on one's responsibility)
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverbto backstroke
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverbto row with oars (as a boat)
ตีกรับdteeM grapLverbto beat a [certain] Thai wooden rhythm instrument
ตีกลองdteeM glaawngMverbto drum; to beat a drum
ตีกลองเพลdteeM glaawngM phaehnMnounsounding of a drum marking the hour of eleven
ตีกลับdteeM glapLverbto reject; return (an object)
ตีกินdteeM ginMverbto take advantage immorally; take unfair advantage of
ตีเกราะเคาะไม้ dteeM grawL khawH maaiHphraseto beat the drums as a warning
ตีขนาบdteeM khaL naapLverbto make a pincer movement; to attack from two sides
ตีขลุม dteeM khloomRverb, idiomto make a false claim
ตีขลุมdteeM khloomRtake what one is not entitled to; take something as one's own
ตีขลุมdteeM khloomRverbto assume
ตีไข่แตกdteeM khaiL dtaaekLverb, phrase[in sports] to score a point or goal coming from behind; score first
ตีไข่ใส่สีdteeM khaiL saiL seeRverb, phraseto sugarcoat, gild the lily, embellish, exaggerate
ตีความdteeM khwaamMverb[of a law, laws] to interpret; to construe; [of meaning] to assign
ตีคู่ dteeM khuuFadjective[are] adjoining; neck and neck; side by side; in tandem; abreast of (each other)
ตีฆ้องร้องป่าวdteeM khaawngH raawngH bpaaoLverb, phraseto proclaim loudly; make an announcement; make a hue and cry; protest
ตีงูให้กากินdteeM nguuM haiF gaaM ginMverb, phraseto criticize someone or take some action against someone where someone else benefits
ตีฉิ่ง dteeM chingLverbto play (Thai) finger cymbals
ตีฉิ่งdteeM chingLadjective, figurative, idiom[is] lesbian
ตีเช็คdteeM chekHverbto write a check (bank draft)
ตีเช็คเปล่าdteeM chekH bplaaoLverbto write a blank check (metaphor); to commit to an unlimited amount of spending
ตีได้dteeM daiFverb, phraseto capture
ตีตรวนdteeM dtruaanMverbto shackle; fetter; put in chains; restrict; chain; handcuff; hobble
ตีตราdteeM dtraaMverb, transitiveto stamp; to brand
ตีตลาดdteeM dtaL laatLverbto market a product sucessfully; capture a market
ตีตัวออกห่างdteeM dtuaaM aawkL haangLverb, phraseto keep aloof; remain separate; draw away
ตีตั๋ว dteeM dtuaaRverb, intransitiveto book a ticket; to purchase a ticket
ตีตั๋วยืนdteeM dtuaaR yeuunMverbto purchase a "standing room only" ticket
ตีตื้นdteeM dteuunFverbto improve
ตีแตกละเอียดdteeM dtaaekL laH iiatLverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto smash
ตีโต้ dteeM dto:hFverb, transitiveto counter attack; strike back; make a counterattack; retaliate; hit back
ตีทะเบียนdteeM thaH biianMverb, transitiveto register
ตีบทแตกdteeM bohtL dtaaekLverbto perform well; have an excellent act
ตีบ้านตีเมือง dteeM baanF dteeM meuuangMverbto attack a city
ตีปลาหน้าไซdteeM bplaaM naaF saiMphrase, idiomto upset someone’s applecart; to disrupt someone’s plans
ตีป่าdteeM bpaaLverb, transitive, intransitiveto hit wildly
ตีปีกบิน dteeM bpeekL binMverbto flap wings
ตีปี๊บ dteeM bpeepHverb, figurativeto advertise
ตีแปลงdteeM bplaaengMverbto wallow; move; roll; lie
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