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ฝอ ฝาlid or cover of a pot or bowl; capThe 29th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ฝ (ฝ)
TIS-620 value: 0xฝ (ฝ)

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Page 2
ฝนหายfohnR haaiRexample sentence"It has stopped raining." "The rainy season has ended."
ฝนฝ้าคะนองfohnR faaF khaH naawngMnounthunder showers
noun[พายุฝนฝ้าคะนอง] thunderstorm
ฝรั่ง faL rangLnoun, adjective, colloquial, loanword, Frenchnon-Asian foreigner, [usually] Caucasian [see notes]
nounguava, Psidium guyava
adjective, loanword, Frenchforeign; non-Thai
ฝรั่งขี้นก faL rangL kheeF nohkHnoun, phrase, figurative, colloquial, idiom, sarcastic-humorous[showing disapproval] a Thai follower of European of American customs; a Thai who puts on airs as if he or she was a Westerner; a Thai who apes Westerners
ฝรั่งขี้นกfaL rangL kheeF nohkHnouna pejorative term for a Westerner who exhibits bad behavior or bad manners. Also a Westerner who has no money travelling in foreign countries.
ฝรั่งขี้เหนียวfaL rangL kheeF niaaoRnouna stingy or penny-pinching foreigner
ฝรั่งจ๋าfaL rangL jaaRverb, idiomto idolize foreign things; culture; clothes; lifestyles; etc.
ฝรั่งเดินอยู่ จู่ ๆ รถเหยียบน้ำกระเด็นใส่ หลบแทบไม่ทนfaL rangL deernM yuuL juuL juuL rohtH yiiapL naamH graL denM saiL lohpL thaaepF maiF thohnMexample sentence"A foreigner was walking [down the street] when suddenly a car drove through a puddle and splashed water (on him). He jumped away just in time."
ฝรั่งได้รับกิตติคุณของพุทธศาสนาจนแพร่หลายออกไปอย่างกว้างขวางตราบเท่าทุกวันนี้เบ็ดเสร็จfaL rangL daiF rapH gitL dtiL khoonM khaawngR phootH thaH saatL saL naaR johnM phraaeF laaiR aawkL bpaiM yaangL gwaangF khwaangR dtraapL thaoF thookH wanM neeH betL setLexample sentence"Europeans have fully accepted the grandeur of Buddhism, so much so that today [Buddhism] has spread far and wide."
ฝรั่งตาค้างเมื่อเห็นความงดงามของการแสดงรำไทยfaL rangL dtaaM khaangH meuuaF henR khwaamM ngohtH ngaamM khaawngR gaanM saL daaengM ramM thaiMexample sentence"Foreigners are stunned by the beauty of Thai dance."
ฝรั่งเป็นทั้งภัยและเป็นทั้งแบบอย่างที่เราอยากเป็นfaL rangL bpenM thangH phaiM laeH bpenM thangH baaepL yaangL theeF raoM yaakL bpenMexample sentence"Foreigners constitute both a menace [to be feared] and a model to be emulated."
ฝรั่งมังค่าfaL rangL mangM khaaFnoun, idioma white man, a European, a Westerner
ฝรังเศสfaL rangM saehtL[alternate spelling of ฝรั่งเศส ]
ฝรั่งเศส faL rangL saehtLproper noun, geographical, adjective, FrenchFrance; "Français"
proper noun, geographical[ประเทศฝรั่งเศส] France
noun[ภาษาฝรั่งเศส] the French language
ฝอfaawR[pronunciation of the 29th letter of the Thai alphabet]
ฝ่อfaawLadjective[is] seized with fear; terrified; scared; frightened; alarmed
[is] whithered; dried out; shriveled
ฝอย faawyRnounspray of water; shower; fiber; filament
noun[for, for example, medicines] instructions or directions for use
verbto brag; exaggerate; boast
nounrubbish, fibers, filaments
ฝอยทอง faawyR thaawngMnounegg yolk poured into hot syrup
ฝอยทองfaawyR thaawngMnounfireworks emitting a shower of golden sparks
ฝอยทองfaawyR thaawngMnounfireworks emitting a shower of golden sparks
ฝัก fakLnounhull; pod; sheath; case; nutshell
classifier[numerical classifier for hull, pod, sheath, case, nutshell, ear of corn]
nounscabbard for a sword
ฝักข้าวโพด fakL khaaoF pho:htFnoun[ฝักข้าวโพด] an ear of corn
ฝักดาบfakL daapLnounscabbard for a sword
ฝักบัว fakL buaaMnounceiling shower
nounthe painted stork
ฝักฝ่าย fakL faaiLadjective[is] inclined to; attracted toward; [is] a supporter of; side with
ฝักใฝ่ fakL faiLverb, intransitive, formalto pay attention to; be absorbed in; concentrate on; be interested in
verb, intransitive, formalto side with; to support; to ally with; to favor; to go along with; take the part of
ฝักใฝ่(ฝ่ายใดฝ่ายหนึ่ง)fakL faiL faaiL daiM faaiL neungLadjective, verb, intransitive, formalto be partisan, prejudiced or biased
ฝัง fangRverbto bury; inter; put in the ground; implant
ฝังใจfangR jaiMverbto impress
ฝังใจfangR jaiMadverbdeeply; deep down
ฝังใจไม่รู้ลืมfangR jaiM maiF ruuH leuumMadjective, phrase[is] imprinted on one's memory; unforgettable
ฝังแน่นfangR naaenFadjective[is] deeply embedded; strongly held; firmly believed
ฝังรกฝังรากfangR rohkH fangR raakFverb, intransitive[in a place] to settle down
ฝังราก fangR raakFverbto settle down; to establish roots
ฝังรากลึกในสำนึกfangR raakF leukH naiM samR neukHverb, phraseto sink deep roots into the consciousness (of)
ฝั่ง fangLnounside, riverbank, seashore, seaboard, shore, coast, coastline, land
classifier[numerical classifier for coast, shore, river bank, bank, side]
ฝั่งทะเล fangL thaH laehMnounsea shore; seashore
ฝั่งฝาfangL faaRnounstability
ฝัด fatLverb, transitive[of grain] to winnow
ฝัน fanRverbto dream
noun[ความฝัน] dream
noun[การฝัน] [activity] dreaming
ฝันกลางวันfanR glaangM wanMnoundaydream
ฝันค้างfanR khaangHverbto have one’s dreams put on hold or postponed
ฝันงดงามถามหน่อยเคยข้ามไหมfanR ngohtH ngaamM thaamR naawyL kheeuyM khaamF maiRLet me ask: have you achieved your splendid dreams?
ฝันจนน้ำอสุจิออก fanR johnM naamH aL sooL jiL aawkLverbto have a wet dream
ฝันดีfanR deeMnouna sweet dream; a pleasant dream — "Sweet dreams!"
ฝันดีนะคะfanR deeM naH khaHexample sentence[spoken gently and politely by a female] "Sweet dreams!"
ฝันถึง fanR theungRverbdream about (something)
ฝันเปียก fanR bpiiakLnouna wet dream
ฝันมาเป็นจริงได้เอาเมื่อตอนอายุ ๔๔fanR maaM bpenM jingM daiF aoM meuuaF dtaawnM aaM yooH seeL sipL seeLexample sentence"My dream was realized when I was 44 years old."
ฝันร้าย fanR raaiHnounnightmare; bad dream
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